"It's Possible to Care for Your Loved One and Lead a Very Satisfying Life Yourself (Even If You Are Stressed, On the Brink of Burnout or Don't Have a Clue How to Start). Take a Deep Breath Because Help is Close at Hand as You Are Expertly and Compassionately Guided To  Caregiving Without Regret." 

Even if you are successfully managing everything well, the resources shared in the Caregiving Thrival  Kit will help you to get things done more efficiently and with greater satisfaction for your entire family.

Caregiving Thrival Kit™ Members Get It All

Every time we add anything to the Caregiving Thrival Kit™ program you will get it automatically as part of your membership. You have access to LIFETIME UPDATES without a further charge.  This one-of-a-kind program will put you on the path to a life filled with more joy and satisfaction while providing high-quality care you can be proud of.  You will be informed of the latest caregiving support resources as they become available.  The Caregiving Thrival Kit membership includes:

  • New, live webinar coaching and training sessions
  • Resource updates placed in a membership site you can review anytime on demand
  • Access to a private caregiving community support group on Facebook

"I found a number of his initial suggestions easy enough to implement right away...."

I found a number of his initial suggestions easy enough to implement right away, and very helpful in keeping me focused, sustaining the energy needed to care for my dying mother, and helping me to ensure that I cared for myself as well. Working with him helped me know I was not alone in my journey, or in the challenges I faced.

Jodi - Family Caregiver

"The help offered is practical and useful..."

The help offered is practical and useful. One of many examples is self talk, now I feel so much freedom from changing how I was talking to myself. I continue to remember, I have choices, I am not a victim, held hostage to providing care. I always have choice. Simple truth producing radical changes for me. And many more insights to be gained from Michael..."

Robin - Family Caregiver

The most dynamic Caregiving Success Plan builder 

With a modest investment, you will receive support to sidestep burnout and recharge your caregiving energy now.  By developing and implementing an achievable and practical caregiving success plan, you and your family will thrive throughout 2015 and beyond!

Creating a step-by-step plan to recharge your caregiving energy is challenging but can be easier than you think when you have a "walk the talk" mentor leading the way. 

To reach your goals, it requires some focused time and the release of assumptions and limiting beliefs that may be holding you and your loved one back from experiencing the energizing power of choice and independence.  In this course, you'll get access to specific tips, tools, and resources.

Four Core Training Modules  and additional live training and support sessions

You can participate in all future live sessions and will have on-demand access to all session replays, resources, and future updates.  

Tons of Ongoing Support

You will receive an invitation to join a Private Facebook Group so you can get support between sessions from Michael and the other amazing Caregiver Recharge Camp participants who are experiencing similar challenges.  

The core program modules are:

Implement a Caregiving Expectation Agreement so you and your loved one can clarify your roles to achieve greater harmony and cooperation during the caregiving journey 

Even if your loved one does not have the cognitive ability to understand the agreement, you can set clear expectations for yourself so you can honor your personal needs, desires, and goals while caring for your loved one.

Determine your Caregiving Mission Statement and use it as your guidepost.

You can focus your attention, achieve your goals, and inject your passion back in your life when you clarify your purpose with a personal mission statement.  Organizations develop mission statements to instill values and motivate its members into action for a shared purpose.  Caregivers benefit when their mission is clear and the goals they set are valuable.    

Craft a practical Caregiving Support Plan to help you organize your caregiving and household support activities

Stop the frustration with not getting the help and support from other family members that you desire.  With this plan, you will more easily achieve buy-in and support from family and friends so you can successfully share the burden of caregiving responsibilities. 

Determine the activities that bring you ultimate joy and satisfaction so you can dose yourself regularly

By consistently putting enjoyable events in your schedule, you will recharge your caregiving energy and sustain your role as a caregiver for the long-term with renewed dedication for your loved one.  You will also develop the passion and purpose for your life beyond caregiving.  

When You Enroll in the Caregiving Thrival Kit™ Program Now, You'll Get:

  • All of the features and tools listed above
  • All future program updates at no additional cost
  • Access to a Private Community on Facebook for ongoing access to support
  • Bonus resources listed in the member's area so you can find the best and 

Caregivers From Around the World Have Been Inspired by the Practical and Tactical Caregiver Coping Strategies and  Support Offered by
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A. Michael Bloom

With a wealth of practical expertise as both a family and professional caregiver, Michael serves as a welcome and sought-after catalyst to guide caregivers and health and human services leaders to stay energized and committed to work that has never been more important or vital than it is today.  Having earned two Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Social Policy, Michael’s passion for life-long learning is best expressed through the practical sharing of game-changing tips that make urgent and real impact when and where they are needed most.

Get the Tools and Resources Other Caregivers are Raving About

Lifetime Access to customizable digital tools to develop a successful caregiving support plan for you and your family.   

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The Caregiving Thrival Kit™ program can be completed from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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There is no risk for taking this action to invest in yourself.  Dive in and try it for yourself.  If the product does not live up to your expectations, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.  There is no risk as you have a no questions asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.